Welcome to Netdaemon

Welcome to Netdaemon

Welcome to NetdaemonWelcome to NetdaemonWelcome to Netdaemon

Why Netdaemon?


In the days of ancient Greece and Greek mythology a daemon was a good or benevolent spirit who tirelessly performed the work of the gods, on behalf of the gods without requiring recognition or fanfare. The daemons went about their mission for the good of all.  It is only fitting, then, that when the first UNIX operating systems launched a process, and then left that process to run without the initiator continuing, the process that continued to run and provide the functional service was called a daemon.[1] 

Similarly, a Net Daemon is a good and benevolent spirit working tirelessly for the good of information security so that mission critical systems and networks can fulfill their functional service.  I am pleased you have found my site. 

[1] For a more detailed description see: Wikipedia contributors, "Daemon (classical mythology)," Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia,http://en.wikipedia.or/w/index.php?title=Daemon_(classical_mythology)&oldid=460182361(accessed December 3, 2011).

Things I love

I enjoy working with people, both in my professional career and in my volunteer work in providing safe, secure homes for the homeless and those impacted by natural disasters.  By day, I am a Cyber Security Advisor, Author, and Speaker.  I am also a Team Leader and trained Disaster Response Team member for the United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM). Come in and have a look around.